Let me introduce myself..

Hi! I’m Claudia Sofia! Just an average girl living in Toronto with a love for decor, DIY’s, beauty, food and oh yes, LIFE!

It’s funny writing this bio about myself. It feels like the first day of school when you are in a new grade or new class and the teacher asks you to talk a little bit about yourself to your new classmates. You always get nervous.. you want to impress but you’re also scrambling in your mind thinking “omg..what do I like? Do I have hobbies? What do I actually do on my spare time other than sleep!?”

For as long as I could remember I always struggled to find my ‘niche’ in life. All my friends had sports or events or real hobbies that consumed their spare time. They were so good at it and they loved doing it. I didn’t really have that. Sure I loved to play volleyball and soccer when I was younger, go to parties and this one time in high school I actually tried scrapbooking. No seriously. I actually tried to make that a full time hobby. I owned a bunch of scrapbook binders with all the slips of colourful glitter paper with the tiny themed stickers. It lasted about 2 weeks and my mom was super upset I spent that much money on all that crap. Where was I going with this. Oh yeah! It wasn’t until recently, let’s say about a year ago, that I really started to find my niche. And let’s just say, I couldn’t be happier that I finally found it.

One day I mentally made a list in my head. What do I love? I knew I always loved home decor, and it worked out great because I’m actually at a job that is decor based. I love my job. Helping people pick out furniture and designing rooms. It’s a job I truly enjoy going to day after day. So I applied for the Interior Decorating and Design program at my local college..and it was the best decision I ever made. I finally found my niche!

Home decor is my passion now. It’s all I do and all I can think about. I’m always Pinning home decor pins, following home decor accounts on Instagram and even reading home decor magazines! I window shop decor stores..not clothing stores. And you better believe you’ll find me at Homesense at least twice a week (for Americans, it’s the Canadian Homegoods!)

Decor isn’t all I love-although it’s a pretty large wedge of the pie chart! I also really love DIY’s, beauty and food. I’m always coming up with new DIY’s for decor, buying new beauty products and trying new food recipes!

Starting this blog has been the best experience. I’m so excited to share all of the things I love with you all. Ikea DIY’s, testing out new beauty products and sharing my faves with you, and cooking! I’ve been thinking of doing a cooking series called Millennial Cooking (it’s exactly what you think it’s going to be. Easy cooking recipes even millennial’s can do. I’m so frickin pumped).

I’ve always wanted an outlet to share with people my talents and passions that I believe people will enjoy. And it’s finally here! I know it’s going to be a slow start but I’m so excited to connect with you all and I hope my blog can be a fun space you can visit week after week and always enjoy being on here! Feel free to connect with me and follow me on my social media accounts linked at the top and side of this page. Those cute tiny icons, click on them and it’ll lead you right to the page!


Stay brave and brilliant!