Blush Pink & Grey Glam Bedroom + How To Make A Vision Board On Wayfair


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Where have I been..? Phew. I knew this day would come but I didn’t think it would’ve taken this long to start blogging again. To make a long story short, I’ve suffered from anxiety for 7 years now and some months are easier than others. I went through a bit of a mental health burnout the last few months. What has gotten me back into a better mental state is that I finally moved!! Yes, the move that I mentioned dreadfully in all those posts; it finally happened! All that stress of selling my old home, packing everything into boxes and doing the big move are finally behind me. And I feel sooo much better. I won’t lie, I do have that ‘new home’ anxiety. The town is different, I’m further from my family and friends and getting familiar with the new neighbourhood has been a bit of a challenge. But I know this too shall pass and until then, I’ll be here snuggled at home binge watching Bob’s Burgers, blogging and enjoying my new home!

The thing I was looking forward to most was redecorating my bedroom and home office. The first room I’m going to tackle is my bedroom. I’ve spent the last few months on almost every furniture and decor website brainstorming ideas and making constant vision boards. Going to school for interior design has finally paid off…kind of. I have this habit now of making vision boards for everything decor/furniture related and I always encourage others to do the same. You’ll never know if you like something until you see it on a bigger scale beside other items.

If you haven’t seen my last bedroom post from my old house, you can find it right here

Even though I loved my bedroom at my old home I knew I wanted a change. The dark furniture was drab and the 4 poster bed made my room feel much smaller than it was. I’m still obsessed with the blush pink trend that was so common last year in the world of design and even though golds have come back in style, my heart still lies with chromes and silvers. Half of these items have already been ordered and the other half are waiting in my cart ready to check out! I’m also going to document my entire process from what it looks like now (basically a mattress on the floor haha!) to the grand reveal! So stay tuned for that post coming soon!

All of these items can be purchased on I’ve purchased from Wayfair in the past and had nothing but great experiences! What I love about Wayfair is their amazing shipping and return policy. If you aren’t satisfied with an item, you can return it hassle free!

Another great thing about Wayfair is you can make your own vision boards directly on the website from the items you want to purchase! 

1. Like a product and create an idea board.

2. Click on ‘idea boards’ on the top right of the page.

3. All of your idea boards will show. Pick the one you want to create a vision board for.

4. All of your items will show up on the page. Click on the tab labelled ‘room planner’ on the left side of the page.

5. There you will have the option to use a Wayfair’s pre-made backgrounds or if you would like an all white background, scroll to the bottom and select ‘mood board’.

6. You can then click on the heart icon (your liked items in your idea board) and paste them onto your board. You’re all set to go and design your own vision board!

Question of the day: Are you mood board maker or do you just buy what you love? Will you try Wayfair’s Idea Board maker? Comment down below!!

Chat soon!! xoxo




This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. I really love Wayfair. Like really really love Wayfair.


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