DIY Ornament Shadow Box

CHRISTMAS IS HERE!!….ok well not yet….but can’t I be excited?!!?? Little known fact about myself…I LOVE CHRISTMAS! It’s hands down my favourite holiday of the year. Once Halloween ends, I am already decorating for the holidays. My family has this little tradition of our own for when we put up all of our main Christmas decorations (i.e the Christmas tree, garland and stockings). When Toronto has it’s Santa Claus Parade, that is our cue to put up all the decorations. This year since we are moving right after Christmas, we decided to tone down our Christmas decor and stick to smaller, easier items that can be packed up when the holidays are over. I’m a little bummed out that it’ll feel like a half-assed Christmas, but I’ve decided to DIY as many decorations as I can to spread around the house to make up for the lack of our usual decor.

This DIY came completely in a dream….and with a little help from Target. A week ago, my boyfriend and I visited Buffalo, NY to see our very first NFL game. It was C-R-A-Z-Y, but nonetheless, a fun and exciting experience. As I always do, I had to stop by Target before we left since we no longer have Target here in Canada. There they had this mini shadow box frame, without glass, with 3 strings strung across inside with the words FA-LA-LA dangling on the strings. It was adorable and since I love shadow box decor, I took a picture for some inspiration. That night while I was brainstorming DIY’s in my mind before falling asleep I thought to myself, ‘what if I did something similar but with mini ornaments hanging on the strings?’ Eureka! I wrote it down on my iPhone notes and here we are! My vision come to life! This DIY seems tricky but I promise you it’s extremely simple and so much fun to do! And as always, completely customizable to your likes and decor scheme. So let’s get in to it!


What you need:

Shadow box (the size I used is 8″ x 8″)

Mini ornaments

-Small closed screw-eye hooks

Marble contact paper (my absolute favourite marble contact paper)

Stretch cord

Step 1: Remove the backing of the shadow box. My shadow box backing had a felt pad on it so you can stick pins in it and display items. Since I didn’t need that and the marble contact paper wouldn’t stick to that material, I carefully removed it. As you can see, there was some residue. But not to worry, we are gonna cover that up!

Step 2:  Trace the frame backing to the decorative paper you’ve decided to use as your backdrop. I used marble contact paper. I’m still wayyyy obsessed with marble decor and I’m not gonna stop now! But if you don’t want to use a marble contact paper I recommend using fun scrapbook paper with holiday designs or even glitter!

Step 3: Carefully cut out your tracing.

Step 4: Once it is cut out, place it on your backing to make sure it is in line and trim any excess off the sides if needed.

This is when I realized, ‘holy shit I didn’t eat lunch today and it’s 4pm’…so I ran downstairs and made the quickest meal I could find. Today happened to be Cup Noodles. I had never tried this new homestyle ramen and the noodles were thicker and the broth was tastier…needless to say it was hella good!

Where were we..oh yes!! Step 5: Since I am using marble contact paper, I peeled off the adhesive and placed it on to the backing. If you aren’t using contact paper, I would suggest double side tape or glue to secure your paper.

And this is the finished product!!…just kidding! But we’re halfway there!

Step 6: Measure 3 holes spaced apart on opposite sides of the inside of the frame. (Make sure to measure out the space in-between each hole you create with the size of your ornament so they aren’t sitting on top of one another and they dangle freely). These holes are where you will screw in the mini screw-eyed hooks. The material of my frame was MDF, so it was easy to twist the screws into place. However, if you’re having trouble with this, you can drill small holes the size of the tip of the screw-eye into the frame so it’s easier to twist in. This part requires extra patience so don’t give up even if you’re not succeeding the first time around! (You will see in the next posts, there are many holes on the sides because I umm…didn’t measure right the first time…but it’s ok to make mistakes and try again!) 

Step 7: Once all the screws are twisted in, you should be left with 6 equal hooks on each side. Because I used a smaller frame I only used 3 strings, but the larger the frame, the more you can do!

Step 8: Cut out 3 equal lengths of stretch cord.

Step 9: Double knot one end of your string to the first hook. Cut off the excess string.

Step 10: Place 4-5 ornaments onto your string.

Step 11: Finish by tightly tying the other end of the string to the other hook.

Step 12: Repeat the same steps with the remaining hooks.

TAA-DAAA! How unbelievably cute is this Christmas DIY?? I know I always vision my DIY’s in my head but it’s so incredibly rewarding to see how good they look once they’re complete! This DIY is completely customizable, so you can choose any colour, design and ornaments you’d like! If you recreate this DIY be sure to tag me on Instagram!

I also wanna wish my American readers a very Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble gobble!! 🦃

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