DIY Skull Jewelry Box

We are officially 26 days away from Halloween! Now that I’m 23 years old, Halloween isn’t about going trick-or-treating and wearing costumes anymore. Even though I still wear a costume every year, it’s one of those ‘let me see what I could come up with in 60 minutes before this halloween party’ types of costumes. This usually means putting on some cat ears and some fun makeup. My favourite part about Halloween now that I’m older is decorating! Here’s a creepy fact about myself: I love skulls. That sounds odd, but ever since I could remember I’ve loved skulls, bones and skeletons. I honestly can’t tell you why I love them so much. To me, they’re just so fascinating. I have at least 4-5 skulls in my room, all of different sizes, colours and materials. My favourite is this one I bought in Los Cabos, Mexico while on vacation this past April. It’s a porcelain skull, hand painted with images of Mexican dress and culture, and is such a unique and interesting piece. I’ve always got skulls in my room, but October seemed like the appropriate month to add to my collection. This is definitely the easiest DIY I have ever done, with only a few steps. It also only cost me $6 in total! Amazing! So let’s get into this spooky tutorial!


What you’ll need:

-Small wooden box with clasp (I got mine at the Dollar Store for $2!!!)

-Black glossy paint

-Fake mini skull (I purchased mine at Michael’s)

Black marble contact paper (See step 3 below)

Step 1: Paint the outside of the box.

*TIP* Be extra patient and careful painting around the clasp, so as not to get any paint on the clasp.

*TIP* Because the box is made of a wooden material, when I applied my first coat of black paint it went on matte. I then had to paint it 3-4 times for it to become glossy. Make sure you wait for each coat to dry before applying the next one.

Step 2: Paint the inside of the box.

Step 3: This step is totally optional. If you prefer to leave the inside of the box glossy black, skip this part. I wanted to glam up the inside, so I added black marble contact paper to the top and bottom of the inside of the box. First, make sure the paint inside the box is dry. Measure the dimensions of the inside of the box with a small ruler, then trace the dimensions on the back of the contact paper. Then I cut along the inside of the traced line to get a straight, flush finish.

Step 4: Peel the backing off the marble contact paper.

Step 5: Carefully, place the marble contact paper to the bottom and top of the inside of the box.

Viola! And that’s how it looks inside!

Step 6: Hot glue gun the base of the skull to the jewelry box.

Step 7: Press down to make sure it’s secure and doesn’t fall off.

And there you have it! Such a fun, easy decor piece to add to your bedroom! I primarily use mine to store my everyday jewelry, but you can always use it for storing other items in your home! This is going to look so good in my room along with all my other skulls. My mom might be upset I’m adding another skull to my collection but…oh well! Halloween is around the corner and now’s the time to skull-it-up!

Confession: I always have a difficult time ending my posts. I don’t really know what to say because well, the steps are over! As I’m typing this, I’m on speakerphone with my boyfriend and he told me to end it with, “Hope this scares your jewelry into staying with you.” Ok Mark thanks hahaha!

If you recreate this or any of my DIY’s I would love to see them! Tag me on Instagram!


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