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It wasn’t until two years ago that I really started taking care of my skin. Which is actually bizarre for myself to think about because growing up my mom always told me ‘take care of your skin now, because when you get older, you’ll regret not doing it’. My mom has always had beautiful skin, so I totally believed her. She barely has winkles, her skin is so soft and smooth, and whatever it is she did, she looks 10 years younger than her actual age now. I was just lazy if I could be honest. I wasn’t a big fan of night creams, and toners, and all that crazy skincare regime that everyone is in to.

Let’s go back two years from now. I was in my local Sephora trying to buy a foundation. I was actually returning my 5th foundation I bought that month. I was going through hell.. for lack of better words. Every foundation I tried looked horrible on my skin. It was either too oily or too dry. It looked like it was peeling off my skin or it wasn’t blending properly. I just wanted that air brushed finish that every foundation claimed it did. Why wasn’t I achieving this? Frustrated, I voiced my concerns to an employee. I complained that nothing was working. Maybe I had the wrong brushes, maybe Sephora employees were not recommending me the right foundations? I was furious because I was wasting my time going back and fourth grabbing new foundations and never getting results. She sat me down on one of those high chairs in their mini studios and told me to remove the foundation I was wearing. She took a good look at my skin and said that on surface, it looked fine. Then she asked what skincare routine I had. “Skincare routine” Uh-oh. I didn’t have one. “I lather a bar of soap in my hands and use hot water to remove my foundation. Oh and I use makeup wipes to get rid of that stubborn eye makeup. Is that a skincare routine?” She laughed. Like actually laughed out loud. I giggled with her, but I was confused.

I wish I could go back and hug her, because what followed after, changed my life (literally). She took an hour to go through all these products that I should be using to get my skin looking healthy and glowing again. She threw everything my way. Toners, exfoliators, AM/PM creams, eye masks, lip masks (which I had no idea even existed) and a bunch of other things. I remember leaving there very overwhelmed and on top of that, spending almost an entire pay check. Welp.

I went home and tried everything I bought. At first, I was forgetting to do A LOT of the routine. I’d wash my face, put on toner, and night cream. “Crap. I forgot the eye cream. CRAP! I forgot the lip mask.” I had to set aside 15 extra minutes to my night time routine in order to not forget to use everything. After the first week, I was close to giving up. I was putting all the products back in it’s original packaging and getting ready to return them all back to Sephora. It wasn’t until I went to work the following week, and a co worker of mine complimented my skin. And then another, and another after that. I was shocked. No one EVER complimented my skin, let alone 3 people in the same day. Holy crap, was the skincare stuff actually working?

You see, I’m stubborn. Maybe it’s a genetic thing…maybe it’s because I’m an Aries. Who really knows but deep down I didn’t want to believe that the skincare stuff was actually working. For so long I was suffering with my appearance, thinking my skin is just my skin and nothing is ever going to change it. That foundations will never look good on me and I’ll never be able to just walk out of the house with no makeup and feel confident with my bare face. But, it was working. Working miracles like I never thought it would. My foundation now looked flawless. No dry patches, no scaling skin, no peeling look! It looked smooth to touch, and it was. My pores were smaller, my dark circles under my eyes were less noticeable and my lips were even softer! Who would’ve thought.. a lip mask…godsend!

I’ve now spent the last two years really taking care my skin. I’ve tried numerous products and brands and I have stuff I swear by…and stuff that is a no go. You’ll always catch me buying skincare over makeup now because truthfully, I really don’t need much anymore. I just put on CC cream, mascara, a lip balm and call it a day. Of course on nights where I’m going out I love to glam up. You know, put on my fancy foundation, my fake lashes and a bold lip. But I truly believe that upping my skincare routine really changed how I feel about myself. I feel more confident, beautiful and free. I also need to state that in no means is my skin perfect. And I don’t think it ever will be. And that’s okay. Of course I still suffer from acne every month, and in the winter months my skin gets very dry. But I’m always prepared, and I still feel beautiful no matter what. And that’s what I love about skincare products. It gives you the chance to really connect and take care of yourself. To take that little extra 15 minutes at the end of the day to pamper yourself and unwind after a long day. It’s also really helped with my stress. It’s created a routine at night that helps me relax and feel organized so that I could get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start my day.

Now, the main reason for this article! Hopefully you’re still with me!! After trying soooo many skincare products over the last two years, I’ve found a brand that is my holy grail skincare brand. It’s called Origins and not to be dramatic, I can’t thank God enough for this brand. I stumbled across them just by receiving samples whenever I purchased other skincare products. They were mini things like, a sample face mask, or a little jar of eye cream. Even though the amount wasn’t anything huge in these samples, just by a few uses, I was blown away. The results were almost immediate. I quickly logged onto my computer and starting searching more about this brand. They were huge! They had every single skincare item I could think of! With such affordable prices and a variety of sizes for almost every single item, I started plopping items into my cart and purchased away.

I’m now recommending this brand to everyone I know. Whenever someone comes to me for skincare advice, I say ‘buy Origins.’ Whenever anyone asks me what’s a good face mask, just buy Origins! I could get quite annoying with it I’m not going to lie but that’s only because I swear by their products. I’ve decided to share a few items from Origins that are my personal favourite at the moment. Of course my skin is always changing, so sometimes their products don’t always work best for me. But right now, I’ve found some holy grail products that I truly believe you should try out. Again, I’m no skincare expert, I didn’t go to school for it, so the products I recommend might not work best for your skin. But I always suggest to everyone I know, read what the brand caters to and know your skin type! I can’t stress that enough! Let’s jump into it!

*This post is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. One item has been gifted to me by Origins*

FACE MASKS: I’m going to start with the Origins face masks. I’m 99% sure I’ve tried almost all of them, so I know which ones work and which ones don’t for my skin type. There are 4 that are my absolute favourite:

Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask (clears pores & oil control)

Mega Mushroom Skin Relief Mask (for redness & sensitivity)

Original Skin Retexturing Mask (for renewal & radiance)

Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask (for acne & oil control)

You’re probably wondering “omg that mask is so cute and tiny,” yes, yes it is. If you aren’t sure which masks will work for your skin, I highly recommend getting the masks at a Sephora. They have the majority of their Origins masks in ‘minis’ for only $5. So you can try 5 masks for only $25! Once you know which ones you love, you can go ahead and buy the full size!

I’m using the Clear Improvement Active Charcoal mask in this picture above. Charcoal masks have been the ‘it’ mask for the last two years, but in my opinion, Origins makes the best, hands down. Normal charcoal masks will suck up all of the moisture in my skin leaving it parched. But with the Origins mask, it digs deep to clean and clear all my pores without leaving my skin red or dry. My face also feels very smooth and semi matte after I use it, so I tend to use this mask more so when I’m having oiler days.

I leave this mask on for about 10-15 minutes or until it’s dried down. Then with warm water, I’ll wash it off my face. What I love about this mask is how easy it is to remove. Some charcoal masks could be so stubborn to remove but you won’t get that with this mask! I also love to pair this with the Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask, which works best for acne. Lately, I’ve even been getting stubborn adult acne on my chin and neck. I’ll apply the Charcoal mask to my face, and the Out of Trouble mask to my neck. Using the two together works absolute wonders!

I also really believe in treating yo self. So on stressful days my favourite thing to do is put on my fluffy robe, throw on a mask and eat some donuts!

My boyfriend loves using the charcoal face mask as well! I know he isn’t a big fan when I apply it at first because of his facial hair, but once it’s off, I’ll catch him feeling how soft his skin feels.

Here’s a fun little tip for these small sample packs to keep them fresh. Since there are about 4-5 uses per .34 fl.oz, once it’s open it could dry up pretty quickly. I open the tab only halfway, enough to scoop up some product. I then close it down and secure it with a bobby pin. It keeps it sealed tight so you can continue using the mask!

TREATMENT LOTION: I’m going to try to make a long story short. I suffered from facial redness that never went away. Even over the last two years with trying everything in the skin care world, nothing could quite get rid of my pinky-red cheeks. I found I always have to wear foundation to cover it up, and in the winter time, oh boy, when I step outside and my skin touches cold air, it’s even worse! But this product has changed my life. I never was able to reduce redness to my face until I bought this product. I tried a mini sample from Sephora not knowing what it really was. I put a few drops onto my hands and rubbed it on my face. Within seconds, my redness was completely gone. COMPLETELY GONE! I couldn’t believe it. I rushed online to see reviews and it had 5 stars. Everyone was raving about how it reduced their facial redness almost completely. So of course, I purchased it that same day. I don’t know where I would be without this product. My facial redness has disappeared and I no longer have to wear foundation out in public. My skin looks healthy and refreshed. I never thought I would have my skin look this good.



You can place it on your hands and rub it directly on your face as a lotion, but in my opinion, this product is best used as a toner. My favourite way to apply this is with a clean cotton pad.

I use this after cleansing and exfoliating. I apply it all over my face taking extra time to the areas of my face, that do tend to get a little more red. I like to press down firmly and hold the cotton pad to my cheeks for 10-15 seconds to really absorb into my skin.

I also love applying this to my neck area. It really helps to prepare my skin for my acne treatments. And viola! You’re skin is going to feel refreshed and prepared to apply moisturizer after!

MOISTURIZER: I was very fortunate to have Origins gift this new product to me last month! Of course, this brand has the most incredible products and a generous, very kind PR team! It also couldn’t have come at a better time because I had just ran out of the moisturizer I was using. This summer wrecked havoc on my skin. I had never seen my skin look so oily and, well, sweaty from the heat. I was taking extra steps to mattify myself (mattefying primer, foundation and setting sprays) but no matter what I tried my face still looked oily halfway through the day. When I heard this product was a mattifying moisturizer, I was skeptical at first. Aren’t moisturizers supposed to Well, Origins, you’ve done it again! This product is incredible at mattifying my skin while still leaving it feeling moisturized and radiant!



The consistently is my favourite. It’s jiggly and has a gelatine like texture. I just scoop a small amount onto my fingers and apply it to my face. Now I can’t stress this enough..a little goes a looooong way! Once you apply it to the face it spreads like water. I could use a dime sized amount for my entire face.

The formula is extremely lightweight. Once I apply it to my face it dries down and feels as though I have nothing on. It isn’t greasy or sticky. Which I always have trouble finding moisturizers that don’t cause that, because I don’t want it transferring on to my pillows. Once it dries down you can instantly see the mattifying effects it has. Of course, even myself, I know mattifying scares a lot of people.  Everyone has a preconceived notion that matte=dry. But this product will not leave your skin feeling parched or thirsty. It does quite the opposite. My face feels smooth, hydrated and looks airbrushed!

I’ve used this product for over 3 weeks now and I have seen a huge improvement on the oiliness of my skin. My skin’s textured has completely evened out and I no longer have to use mattifying products. I highly recommend this product to those who suffer from oily to combination skin. Of course those who lean more towards the drier side may not enjoy this product. But as I always say, you don’t know until you try! Try a small sample at your local Sephora or Nordstrom before purchasing!

*an accurate picture of how I look and feel after doing skincare*

If you’ve made it this far you’re a trooper! I truly enjoy doing longer blog posts because 1. I always have way too much to say! and 2. I love to be as thorough and informative as I can! When I am passionate about my blog posts I want it to show. When I’m recommending products to others who will spend their hard earned money, I want to be sure that I am giving a 100% honest opinion and to share all my own thoughts from personal experience! I want my blog to be a place where we can all share our thoughts and opinions. Where we can recommend products to each other that we believe in! I will never write blog posts on items or services that I don’t truly recommend and believe in! I also want to thank Origins once again for gifting me their Matte Moistuizer with Willowherb and I also want to thank my boyfriend Mark for allowing me to take these pictures in his nice fancy white bathroom. My bathroom at home is green with green tiles and a green countertop…which umm..doesn’t look so glam in pictures!

I hope you all gained some skincare knowledge from this post and hopefully will pick up some new items for yourself! Remember, treat yo self!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone xo 💕

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